There are currently 39 mystic skills (4 of which are Apex (Awakened) Skills), which can only be learned by the Mystic. Mystic Knight 132-150. Magik Archer 175-200. The Mystic build I've been looking at is Mystic 1/Kensei 5/Mystic 5/Kensei 9. Enchanted Mage Robes of Destruction will aid her in dishing out more spells. decide for yourself here. Most mystic skills can only be used while a scepter is equipped. Holy Fortress is VERY handy simply for the fact that it blocks EVERYTHING, or at least everything I've tried to block with it. (pet skill not affected by summon skill level.) Ranger 150-175. Skills to consider for your Psychic are as follows. When summon skill level is 10, skill has the same effect. Smashes and stomps from cyclops and ogres - check Swipes from the main questline dragon - check Firebreath from the main questline dragon - check Plus, it enchants very quickly compared to Holy Aid, so you can easily keep it up for an entire fight and block … Strider 100-132. She has augmented her Flame spells, since most of her adversaries are vulnerable if not weak to fire. Below, I have outlined some viable skill builds and glyph builds for the Archer that I have found to have worked quite well. It doesn't make much difference in the end, at level 200 you're so overpowered you're not gonna care anyway. DESTRUCTION: Plenty of perks are put into Illusion and Conjuration, but the Mystic Diplomat remains a Novice in Destruction. Perspective: Depends you and how you want it to be. It is tied with the Strength-build for the highest combined offense in the game, and is ideal for Mystic Knight players. Keep in mind that this guide only covers a small aspect of the Archer. im gona make mystic knight. The really cool thing IMO about the inclusion of an additional skill to treasure hunting is the fact that even at 50 skill you'll see the whole process going much quicker. We also have a speed farming variation, … Mystic Knight 50-100. If you want stat advice on a nice little mystic knight/jack of all trades build this is what i went with on my save. When summon skill level is 10, skill has the same effect. These include the majority of Tamriel's races, dangerous wildlife, … 2.Hush – Deals metal damage equal to 4x of mistress’s base magic damage. Later in-game, when you start to build up your AOE skills, it will be used less often, but still will be useful for certain dungeons when you do not have a Veno or Mystic available for luring mobs. Having received a full rework in Patch 2.4, Inna's Mantra set brings a viable summon build to the Monk endgame table. The mystic specializes in various mystic skills and highly depends on such in terms of combat in order to deal damage from long range, heal allies and attempt to avoid getting hit. Emphasis: independent. While 33 of them … This skill is best used in the middle of a combo for additional CC since it does not have any protection. i haved maxed out fighter,assasin magic archer and soon warrior and im post game SFxT raven,juri,rolento,poison SSF4 main , juri,cody,chars im learning:sakura, PSN AibanSama UMvC3 mains trish she-hulk, wesker,morrigan If you wanna play MK, the best build to go with is *gasp* lvl 10-200 Mystic Knight. wonder what skills i should set up.along with augments?? Strider 1-50. Go Order of the Soul Knife and name your Soul Knife a Kensei weapon. High Elf STR 12 DEX 19 (17 + 2) CON 17 INT 18 (17 + 1) WIS 17 CHA 12 ASIs: DEX +1/WIS +1, Resilient (CON), then whatever you want. By using all the offense-boosting skills in the game, you can easily end up with jaw-dropping combined offensive powers… alas for the Magick Archer, their bows only deal Magick damage. This tanky, pet-centric build is geared towards Greater Rift solo progression, with two variants (the present build with Exploding Palm and a pure Mystic Ally build that you can access by clicking the link below). It's funny how everyone says they plan to build one class but then it's just a bunch of playing other classes instead :p 3960 HP 3960 ST 442 Str 442 Mag 442 Def 443 MDef With those stats? Balanced Hybrid/MK Build. The Black Spirit Rage of the skill can be used in large scale PVP but is not particulary useful in a 1v1 or small scale situation.