Jarred Land . But Red doesn’t do it exactly like everyone else, and understanding how to properly set, expose, and adjust-in-post what you … Most people don't see this, but if you're a colorist, you will see it. Compact cinema cameras are all the rage. $11,999.00. The A7Siii isn't a dedicated cinema camera and won't make you look more professional. Picture: Philipe Grossman FB. The Komodo is the most affordable Red Digital Cinema Camera ever released. And there is a chance we get a good chunk of these rumored cameras finally released, being the FX6, A7S3 (finally? Store #0906712 Elec. Even before image quality we need to turn on the cameras and Baerveldt timed how long it took to boot up and do calibrations. We close every Friday evening to Saturday evening for Shabbos. 35.7 x 18.8mm. The KOMODO Outrigger Handle is a low profile handle that offers full 360-degree swivel rotation and adjustment for maximum flexibility. Because of that, the fence won't have anymore a natural wood color, but it would turn green (that's the colors the CFA filters in front of the sensors favor when underexposed). Shot on Red Komodo w/Leica R Primes. RED Komodo is a 6K 40fps compact digital cinema camera. vibe. the original BMPCC) do NOT have this CFA-derived reciprocity problem. You're definitely right about exposing properly. But if you need just that: a small crash cam, a compact setup for shooting interviews, or to rig a drone with this thing, the Komodo might be a good choice. Global Dynamics United Canon EOS R RF port cap now in stock. Then there's the Red Komodo for nearly double the price with 6K and about the same features as the A7S. Live Chat. Regardless, everything here is a winner since it's so easily adaptable to other formats except for the Panasonic EF mount. Serv. Film User - RED KOMODO. Effective: 19.9 Megapixel (6144 x 3240) Sensor Windowing. Add at least two items to compare. We have set cookies in your browser to help make this website better. Machined from Solid Aluminum and Brass. For example, when you have a person sitting in front of a backyard, and his skin is exposed properly, there will be parts of the fence under a tree that will be naturally underexposed. they're a pro!" You can see an example here: Outdoor Vlog shoot. I feel like people see the "Box" cameras (REDs, ZCAMs, RZ/RB) the same way I see matte boxes. Komodo and the Pocket 4K both seem up to the task for shooting high quality narrative stuff… though of course we don’t yet know the full story or price on the RED Komodo. Get the Red. The URSA Mini Pro G2 has XLR for DC input. I know that RED cameras standout when it comes to finding gigs as well so I'm considering that as well. For photography the Sony might even be a downgrade (even though I'm still of the opinion that 12MP is enough, but I do like the balance of 24MP). That alone wouldn’t be too interesting as there are small cameras out there, but there are a few things that set Komodo apart and put it in an alarmingly unique place in the professional camera market. That's not easy. With the batteries and smaller form factor, the KOMODO is nice. RED’s latest camera, the Komodo, is the smallest and lightest body RED has on offer. Komodo R3D 10.8 ProRes 12.2 - Latitude Pocket 6k. Shooting outdoors can be cumbersome if you're always looking for diffused light to expose the face properly unless I go for golden hour every shoot. I highly disagree about the AF as well. The Panasonic is EF mount. & Home App. The Komodo is a Super 35 camera. Same as it ever was. RED Komodo vs ALEXA Mini vs Canon C300 III Side-by-Side Comparison. save hide report. By the way, for those of you who are counting on the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology of the … That's my main argument for the Komodo. Press J to jump to the feed. The Sony is E mount. Better than overheating like the a7s3 and a1 apparently do. When you’re looking for the best of the best camera, there are few who would dispute that an ARRI, RED, or Canon system is going to be the one that fits your needs. Chmura tagów: Filmowanie lustrzankami • videodslr • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K • Sony A6300 A6500 A7mk3 A7S3 • Zhiyun Crane 3S | WeeBill Lab • Canon C70 mk2 C200 C300 • Samyang • DJI Ronin-S Mavic Air Phantom Pro • Sony FX6 FX9 • Grading • Panasonic S1 S1h GH5s GH5 • Gimbal Deal. I try my best to keep my setup as light as possible. The last difference in the DSMC2 vs the old RED bodies is the option to change lens mount. I suspect that people who go for the Komodo probably do see a difference (however small) and find it more suited for their style of shooting. Deal. But as you said, there’s so much versatility in the Sony. Hd. Filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, editors, vfx gurus, composers, sound people, grips, electrics, and more meet to share their work, tips, tutorials, and experiences. Cheap Photo Studio Accessories, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:TILTA RED KOMODO A7S3 Handheld on the rotating button, lightweight and durable with hot shoe Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! So if you're very sensitive to colors, as I am, then go for a RED, or even a Canon. Also, the Leica lens is de-clicked, so the two apertures were probably never exactly the same on both lenses, just “close enough”, the very first shot is an indication of this and not an indication that the Komodo has a darker image at the same ISO. Maybe that changes with an upgrade. Add at least two items to compare. All the Sony sensors (including their high end Venice ones), fail at color reciprocity. Ce dernier révolutionne la technique en éliminant le besoin de sacrifier la plage dynamique tout en répondant à la norme d’imagerie RED sans aucun compromis créatif ou technique. They also went with RF mount, showing that the future of Canon cinema will tow its mirrorless line in the coming years. Son poids est de 205 g et des dimensions sont de 164 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm. $13,500.00. The RED KOMODO is a better camera for a lot of reasons, and I think the mount with those adapters is a better solution since you can add ND there. best. I'd say, the only thing I really don't like from Sonys is their colors. Plus, you can probably jump past a lot of prospective camera operators on job sites when they're requesting for example a C300 and you bust the doors down with an entry-level RED. Globaldynamicsunited.com #globaldynamicsunited #canonrf #canoneosr. Then there's the Red Komodo for nearly double the price with 6K and about the same features as the A7S. It’s an all around camera with a relatively low start up cost even after you kit it out compared to the RED. In either case, Komodo demonstrates a 1-stop improvement. Question. Interestingly, RED is joining the community with the (relatively) affordable KOMODO 6K.Considering the form factors and sensors/resolution are similar it is an intriguing comparison. Blackmagic was quick to the market with their Pocket series and now have the impressive Pocket Cinema Camera 6K in their portfolio. It shoots 12-Bit ProRes RAW with a Ninja V and the workflow for it in Premiere is okay but I do think I want a dedicated cinema camera. La RED KOMODO est une caméra cinéma 6K ultra-compacte qui bénéficie d’une superbe qualité d’image grâce à sa gestion des couleurs et à son capteur Super 35mm Global Shutter CMOS de 19,9MP. "Holy shit. Under the hood, Komodo is a 6K Super 35 camera with a tasty global shutter, which should start coming to compact cameras soon. Both are fantastic, but in my opinion for most doc shooting situations the FX6’s advantages (variable ND, S-Cinetone or mLUT EI mode, better battery life) outweigh the Komodo’s (you can say you Shoot on Red, r3d files, size, accessories). Not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. Controls 6144 x 3240. Comparing RED DIGITAL CINEMA Komodo . The main clue that the Sony FX3 is even more video-focused than the A7S III is its design. RED Komodo vs. A7SIII What would you do with $10K? Moreover, Komodo has 2 usable stops at or above 80 IRE and a much flatter curve overall. RED has also officially released a few accompanying accessories for the KOMODO with the Outrigger Handle, Expander Module & Wing Grip. The email address you entered was an invalid email. If 10 or 12bit external from the Z6 isn't enough for you, please learn how to expose correctly. RED EPIC-W HELIUM 8K - MUST SELL. 相机. Be the first to share what you think! You can’t use Ninja V to record Prores RAW from FX6, you need a Shogun 7. 关注. For this testing Baerveldt stuck with the RAVEN in R3D at 8:1 while the KOMODO was using R3D in LQ. The autofocus on the Sony isn't hugely better and the RED's will be worse. Key to achieving this goal was the use of the Canon RF lens mount and the KOMODO 19.9MP Super35 CMOS sensor which boasts Global Shutter technology. DwayneM says: December 18, 2020 at 5:52 am. Customer Service 800.221.5743 or 212.239.7765. RED, Canon, Arri and Fairchild sensors (e.g. Customer … Sony FX3 vs A7S III: the 6 key differences 1. Sort by. Live Chat. However, the main advantage of the Komodo is its ability to shoot REDCODE RAW with a higher dynamic range than the Canon 1D X. It’s more likely that the Komodo will have a significantly higher picture quality that can be matched to cinema cameras on high-end productions. I’ve always loved how REDs and Arris deal with color which is another reason I want it. The Canon C70 is R mount. Sort: Clear All. I'm not … I don't see a reason in upgrading yet, except if you really really need slow motion and interal 10bit. And this is to say nothing of the lack of an AA filter on the Pocket. UMIDIGI, a global company creating premium products at affordable prices for users around the world. It also includes two rosettes on each side as well as a cold shoe mount on top. 最終的な仕様はまだ確定していないが、ストームトルーパー(ホワイト)エディションの価格は約7,000ドルで、その後に続く通常のブラックバージョンの価格は約6,000ドルになることが分かった。. 6 replies on “Sony FX6 vs Red Komodo” Casimir Artmann says: December 25, 2020 at 4:16 am. If I do, I'd probably grab something with above 24MP as a dedicated photo camera like the Z7 or something medium format later down the road. Recently, we posted a video by filmmaker Joey Helms about his shiny new RED Komodo 6K camera, and five reasons why you might want to get one.He got a lot of questions asked in response to posting that video, so he’s created this 30-minute follow up to provide a full hands-on review and blast through as many of those questions as possible. Contact Us. RED Komodoは間もなく発売されそうだ。最終的な仕様はまだ確定していないが、ストームトルーパー(ホワイト)エディションの価格は約7,000ドルで、その後に続く通常のブラックバージョンの価格は約6,000ドルになることが分かった。ストームトルーパーの前に、REDはカスタム色で限定版のKomodo … Battery, Red Grip, Cage, Mount, 512gb CFAST. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. 19 watching. This “full” camera cage provides protective armor for the RED Komodo camera. Zcam E2-S6 vs RED Komodo vs Sony A7siii, Which to Upgrade to? So the red komodo for 1500 dollars more is going to have: 1, True internal Redcode raw at 8:1 in mq mode and 4-3:1 at hq mode 2, Internal 4k and 2k prores recording 3, Global Shutter. Her online course is being released on the Kajabi platform tomorrow, February 14th, and consists of nearly 80 training videos that walk you through how to do a handstand and condition yourself for it. Print Email. Price. (6144 x 3420) in 2.4:1 When Recording in Raw. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. Sort: Clear All. RED Camera Sample R3D Files. Posted by 4 days ago. Les meilleures offres pour Tilta Adjustable Quick Release Top Handle For Tilta RED KOMODO 6K Sony A7S3 Cage sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! You can also use the larger Canon BP-975 batteries for even more juice. Also, what is CFA? The RED Komodo and the Blackmagic are both switchable, with Blackmagic having PL, F, and EF options, and the Komodo having a native RF mount. The only advantage the Komodo has over the Sony is its more celluloid-like color science, and its SDI controllers (HDMIs break overtime). By Tommy Callaway #39 rand thompson. Lol that’s why so many Sony videos look like the magenta is up. Frenemy Red Komodo 6k Vs Canon R5 8k Vs Sony A7s Iii 4k Uhd Vs Canon C70 4k Dci Vs C500 Mark Ii 6k; Canon C70 Red Komodo 6k Sony A7s Iii R5 C500 Mark Ii Dynamic Range Comparison The Set Up; Why I Bought The Sony A7siii And Not The Canon Eos R5 Or Red Komodo; Red Komodo Vs Sony A7s3 For Videos Only? Gen. #0907906. I'll have to test each out but I was wondering. Back to Product List. (6144 x 3240) in 17:9 When Recording in Raw. These companies didn’t claw their way to the top of the heap, they created the game and they are the … RED Komodo vs Sony A7S3... for Youtube videos only? Check out the video below: I try my best to keep my setup as light as possible. The FX3 is smaller, but lacks a viewfinder. 10. Unfortunately, your browser doesn't support these improvements. Add at least two items to compare. 02-13-2021, 06:55 PM. Create a B&H Account, America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek, Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. So currently, I'm a Nikon Z6 Shooter and I'm getting by with it on the filmmaking/videography front: I'm currently shooting Vlogs outdoors, Music Videos and short films. Batteries and media aren't cheap either... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In this video series I will dig into the details of the cameras including the physical features, low light performance, resolution and codec options, and much more. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the cinematography community . Contact Us. This came about when I saw the A7SIII and how it shoots full frame 10-bit internally and will soon shoot 16-bit RAW with a Ninja V. All for like $3500!!! Every camera person has their own preferences - some prioritize a beefy codec, others great highlight roll … Furthermore, there is the price factor. Comparatif - Samsung Galaxy A12 vs Samsung Galaxy A21s. I wouldn't use the A7S for photos at all. You have to wonder how important it is, though. Our RED ® KOMODO™ housing is designed to work with: RED KOMODO Camera; 2x Canon BP-975 Batteries (or smaller) Atomos Shinobi SDI with NP-F770 Battery (with on/off control) You can fit similar size monitors to the Shinobi inside the housing, however you will sacrifice the monitor on/off control capabilities. Explore RED's modular camera system and groundbreaking image quality. RED vs RED is a good challenge. And when I say compact, I mean it’s essentially a 4x4x4 inch cube that weighs less than 2lbs with nothing on it. Designed, according to SmallHD , to unleash the full potential of the RED KOMODO with intuitive touch-screen menu control, the new Focus Pro series of monitors is available in both 5” LCD and OLED versions. ストームトルーパーの前に、REDはカスタム色で限定版のKomodoを7,000ドルか、それより少し高額で発送する。. You can own an EF mount for your camera, but then when your great uncle hands down that set of PL lenses, you’ll be able to purchase the PL lens mount adapter rather than a new body. It’s relatively equivalent. I'm not sure what low-light will look like with the Komodo. Please enable javascript for your best B&H experience. Sensor Resolution. RED Komodo Key Features. What would you all do with 10 grand for a camera system? Active Canon EF/EF-S Mount; Super 35-Sized HDR Sensor; Cfast 2.0 Media; Record 6K 6144 x 3456 up to 50 fps The A7III's AF still trumps the Z6. Manufacturer rebates, terms, conditions, and expiration dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic. The Red Komodo is unique with its global shutter. However, we all remember the rapid price reduction of the old pioneers 1D X models, which means Canon can reduce the price dramatically to make this DSLR much more affordable and thus compete with the Komodo. 816. In the KOMODO OPERATION GUIDE 955-0190, REV 1.2 | Page 2 Red indicated that .. Lenses used: A place where professionals and amateurs alike unite to discuss the field. RE: Red Komodo Compressed Redcode RAW 12-bit Was this a type o ? I guess it depends if you already have accessories or want to buy all that too? Canon C70 Red Komodo 6k Sony A7s Iii R5 C500 Mark Ii Dynamic Range Comparison The Set Up Why I Bought The Sony A7siii And Not The Canon Eos R5 Or Red Komodo Red Komodo Vs Sony A7s3 … If you change that color, other colors in the scene, that didn't need change, would also change. Il dispose d'un écran de 6.5 pouces, d'un appareil photo de 48 MP et mémoire 32GB 3GB RAM, … Film User - RED KOMODO. Shot on: RED Komodo 6K and Sony a7iii on Freefly Systems MoVI M5. And that extends in all other manufacturers that use Sony sensors, that include Panasonic, BMD, and Fuji. Comparing Canon R5 vs Sony A7S III vs RED DIGITAL CINEMA Komodo . If you're after emulating film properly, then the RED is the way to go. No items to compare. It’s very nice to see how RED has changed over time. The RED KOMODO (Stormtrooper variant) has been listed on B&H for pre-order for $6,995 USD. Either way, I’ll have to try both out. (5120 x 2700) in 17:9 When Recording in … This came about when I saw the A7SIII and how it shoots full frame 10-bit internally and will soon shoot 16-bit RAW with a Ninja V. All for like $3500!!! We know for sure we will have the FX9, Canon C500 mark ii, Red Komodo, and Canon 1DX III. 100% Upvoted. A few weeks ago Red officially announced an upgrade that unleashes the full 6K potential of this camera. Sony FX6 claims to possess a fast readout which means the rolling shutter performance is exceptionally good. Samsung B-Roll By French Kiss Bakery Productions . (6144 x 3240) in 16:9 When Recording in Raw. 数码; 摄影摄像; 数码 测评 SONY 索尼 体验 komodo 器材 red 科莫多 a7s3 评论. With Komodo, RED jumped into new territory developing its first autofocus system. The RED Komodo will be sold at a significantly lower price than the Canon 1D X. Dave Kratz November 16, 2020 Blog No Comments. More RED Komodo camera teasers: View this post on Instagram . Samsung Galaxy A12 est sorti en 2020. Red Komodo: Forget The R5 & A7s Iii? Would be nice if, as a CineAlta/FX camera, you could actually turn off internal sharpening/NR. No items to compare. Free shipping. The camera is technically still in Beta, and not a lot of official information has been announced for the camera. While this is more visible when you underexpose by 3+ stops, parts of the problem exist in normally exposed scenes. Hey everyone and hope you're all well, I do freelance filming and photography primarily for sports such as surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, off roading, etc. This was shot with a handheld rig around 9AM. #0907905; Sec. A post shared by Jarred Land (@instajarred) on Sep 12, 2019 at 2:51pm PDT . Komodo: 6K, ISO 800, WB 5600k, Shutter 1/48, Frame rate 23.976, and compression HQ (lowest compression rate: highest image quality). Hate to throw shade on Lemo, but I’ve had too many instances where it seems to get “stuck” and removal is a bear. 8 Stops (4 under, 4 over) Komodo 7 Stops (6 under, 1 over) It appears that if dynamic range and latitude is your primary concern than the Pocket 6k would be the camera to choose. I've always been impressed with Sony's DR (claims and usable) and at the very least the FX3 will have 10bit/422, if not internal raw (fingers crossed), so it'll probably be fine there. RED, by contrast, employs very aggressive OLPFs that soften the image and give it a more filmic look. The camera BRAIN is the primary building block of the RED system, housing the image sensor and advanced computing components. I use 12-bit when in a controlled environment and I'll use 10-Bit for run & gun/ outdoors. COOG TECH Store has All Kinds of TILTA RED KOMODO A7S3 Handheld on the rotating button, lightweight and durable with hot shoe,TILTA 100g Counterweight,TILTA Black Color Cage TA-T01-FCC-B for BMPCC4K 6K DSLR Camera Cage for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Accessories Kit and more On Sale, Find the Best China null at Aliexpress.com Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... RED Komodo 6k SEALED!!! RED has taken fresh steps with the release of the KOMODO 6K Digital Cinema Camera by bringing their legendary image quality and color science into an ultra-compact, all-in-one design that weighs just 2.1 lb measures about 4 x 4 x 4". ODU comes from medical/military world so I expect them to be quite good.